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Intercultural Exchanges Through Education, Science, Art and Culture

Our knowledge of the culture's universality promotes dialogue and peace

Favoriser les échanges culturels
entre la France et la Chine

Président -  Bernard Sok

Président d'honneur -  Thierry Rayer

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Cercle d'Etudes Scientifiques

Président - Thierry Rayer

Secrétaire général - Chrystelle Vidamment

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Promouvoir les relations culturelles
entre la France, la Chine et les pays arabes

Président - Bernard Sok

Président d'honneur - Thierry Rayer

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échanges culturels ccas

Cultural exchanges

Cultural exchanges between peoples enrich the cultural heritage of mankind.

Organizing cultural meetings between China, France and Arab countries creates the opportunity to promote Education and Innovation, both cultural and relational between nations. Cultural exchanges must be valued on the basis of the findings of "
Le Cercle d'Etudes Scientifiques Rayer" on the common origin of the culture of all humanity revealed by the universal work of sculptor Constantin Brancusi: Le Baiser de 1905.

These cultural exchanges will constitute a real channel for the dissemination of knowledge of Humanity which will make it possible to create the first Universal Museum.
We Are Commited To Bringing Humanity Together Around Common Values
universae museum
universalité ccas

What We Offer ?

The "Cercle d'Associations Culturelles  et Scientifiques  pour le Bonheur et la Paix dans le Monde" proposes to create a fund between Nations to finance the Universal Museum and cultural exchanges in order to establish true cooperation between peoples and nations; because culture and knowledge are at the origin of all development and all progress of humanity.